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Galleon CPA’s mission is to provide reliable accounting and bookkeeping services so you can spend more time focused on your business. We take the time to set up financial systems correctly from the start, leaving your bookkeeping and accounting better than ever. Our goal is to improve your financial systems so greatly, that you cannot imagine ever going back to your old ways!

Why Invest In Bookkeeping and Accounting Services?

Free Up Valuable Time

• Stop spending your time on bookkeeping and accounting, use those precious hours to generate sales and make more money.

Run Your Business Better

• Good bookkeepers and accounting service providers prepare financial reports, use that information to help you make smart financial choices.

Bookkeeping Is Not Easy

• Contrary to the marketing campaigns of accounting software companies, bookkeeping is a skill that takes time and effort to learn.

Professional Bookkeeping Can Pay for Itself: How?

• Year after year we find clients money by spotting incorrect charges, double billing, ancient recurring fees that should have been stopped ages ago, and finance and banking charges that are too high.

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Numbers are not for everyone! Luckily, financial statements make it easier for you to understand what the numbers actually mean! They are a key part of running your business.

At Galleon CPA, we can compile accurate financial statements in an easy to read format and explain to you what the numbers mean

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Corporate & Business Tax

Whether you are the owner of a large corporation or a small recently incorporated business, our experienced accountants have a wide range of experience working with businesses of all sizes. Our tax expertise ensures that your corporate tax returns are filed accurately and comply with all tax laws and regulations, while also taking into account the best tax minimization strategies for your business.

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As part of our tax planning services, our tax audit service is designed to minimize your overall tax audit risk.

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Services offered include the following: 

• Prepare Tax Returns for Sole Proprietors

• Bookkeeping

• Prepare Financial Statements

• Financing (e.g. bank loans)

• Business consulting

Personal Tax

Galleon CPA is experienced and can prepare your personal tax return perfectly. Our personal tax return preparation services is extended to employees, sole proprietors, investors, non residents, and more.

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Cross Border

Whether you are living, working, or investing on either side of the border, we can help you better understand your tax obligations and devise a plan that works for you.

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Real Estate Tax

Real estate investment can be exciting, but it is important to plan ahead so that you can minimize your tax bill and prevent any unnecessary financial implications. Our firm can assist you with developing the right tax structures for you to purchase and maintain your properties.

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Investment in US real estate has become a common practice. If you are a Canadian investing in vacation homes or rental property across the border, it is necessary to be aware of all the associated taxes.

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Business Consulting

We will provide advice that will help you with your strategic planning, accounting services, design and implementation of accounting and management information systems.

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